Current Graduate Students







  • Ph.D.

    1. Husniyah Abdus-Salaam , "Examining the Influence of Dependent Demand Arrivals on Patient Scheduling",(Spring 2011 ).  Current employment Intel Corporation.

    2.  Luther Brock III, "Metaheuristic Approaches for  Estimating In-Kind Food Donations Availability and Scheduling Food Bank Vehicles" , (August 2014).

  • M.S. Thesis

    1. Raquel Teasley+, "Are we sick yet? Assessing consumer mortality from  food contamination in multiple distribution channels", (May 2013).

    2. Jessica Terry, "Eliminating the shortage factor:  Modeling the behavior of future donations  using forecasting techniques  to improve the distribution efficacy of  a food bank", (May 2013).

    3. Marluce Moreira, "Designing a global supply chain  network for a perishable product", (May 2013).

    4. Hoshna Ovi, "Process modeling of coordinated and collaborative  humanitarian supply chains", (May 2013).

    5. Jessye Bemley*, "A stochastic facility location model for pre-positioning port commodities during a disaster", (August 2011).

    6. Christopher Baker+,"A dynamic decision model for  port hurricane preparation and shutdown",  (December 2009).

    7. Daniel de Oliveira Mota, "A stochastic coordinated humanitarian relief supply chain network  based on multiple objectives", (December 2009).

    8. Nolan Applewhaite, "The effect of unplanned donations on humanitarian logistics coordination", (May 2009).

    9. Chanel Helper*, "Information sharing in a supply chain and its  value to the retailer", (August 2008).

    10. Andrea Dinkins, "Quantifying the value of  radio frequency identification  information in maintenance modeling",  (May 2008).

    11. Jarrett Chapman*, "Using stochastic linear programming and network flow  to model pre-positioining and emergency response", (December 2007).




    Legend: * = journal paper, + =Conference paper

  • M.S. Project

    1. D'Javon Alston+, "An interactive simulation model for evaluating the impact of port disruptions" December 2011).

    2. Sylvester Winbush+, " A predictive model to determine monthly demand estimates for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina", (August 2011).

    3. Christina Harris+, "Forecasting supply of donated goods", (August 2011).

    4. Stacey Hollis, " Inventory scheduling and  cash management in Bank of America's supply chain", (December 2008).

    5. Tamario Howze, "Maximizing profit in make versus buy situations" ,(May 2008).

    6. Deanna Tinnin, " Cultural differences in the perception of quality in the healthcare sector", (May 2007 ) (deceased)

    Legend: * = journal paper, + =Conference paper