About Me
Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering.
Worked 12 years in industry at IBM Corporation in Research Triangle Park, NC as a software engineeer prior to joining A&T.
Received B.S. in Computational Mathematics from Rochester Institute of Technology.
Received M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Received Ph.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University.
Member of IIE and INFORMS. Research Interests
My research addresses the management of for-profit and not-for profit (humanitarian) supply chains with specific focus on performance in dynamic environments. Characteristics of the dynamic environment include one or more of the following: (1) constrained supply; (2)uncertain supply (3) uncertain demand; (4) demand surges due to extreme events, like natural disasters; (5) disruptions in operations caused by extreme events. Primary emphasis is on decision making related to effective planning, allocation, and distribution of inventory. The goal is to identify policies that are optimal from a financial (cost) and/or service (response time, need) perspective.




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